Garbage Disposal Maintenance Tips

Household appliances work more efficiently when they are maintained on a regular basis. The garbage disposal in your kitchen is no exception to this rule. Below are some tried-and-true garbage disposal maintenance tips.

Do Not Put Certain Items Into The Garbage Disposal

The whole point of having a garbage disposal is to grind up food waste that ends up in your sink. However, there are certain items that it simply cannot handle. To err on the side of caution, never put banana peels, potato peelings, coffee grounds, or eggshells into your garbage disposal. 

Utilize Dishwashing Detergents

Grease can build up and cause a clog within your plumbing pipes. Fortunately, utilizing dishwashing detergents can help remove grease from dishes. When there is less grease in your garbage disposal, it reduces the risk of slow draining clogs. 

Use Plenty Of Water

After using your garbage disposal, remember to flush out the system with water for 30 seconds. Water can help your plumbing system go with the flow again. Best of all, this simple step can help reduce clogs in the future. 

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