Items That Should Not Get Flushed Down The Toilet

No homeowner wants to spend their day dealing with a clogged toilet. Luckily, there are certain actions you can take to prevent your toilet from getting clogged in the first place! Continue reading to find out which items you should never flush down the toilet.

“Flushable” Wipes

Do you think flushable wipes are safe to be flushed down the toilet? If so, think again! Since flushable wipes cannot be dissolved in water, they can build up over time and cause a lot of issues within the sewer pipes. 

Personal Hygiene Items

There are certain personal hygiene items, such as cotton swabs and band-aids, that should never be thrown into the toilet. Both of these items could take a long time to decompose within your pipes and therefore take a toll on your plumbing system. To avoid this scenario altogether, be sure to toss these items into a garbage can after you have used them. 

Expired Medications

You may have heard the myth that the best way to dispose of expired medications is to flush them down the toilet. However, doing so could pollute the water supply. The best way to discard old medications is to bring them to a local medication disposal center. 

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