Cesspool & Septic System Pumping Services Manorhaven NY 11050

A cesspool is a concrete cylinder built underground for the purpose of temporarily storing liquid waste and sewage. When functioning correctly, the solids will settle at the bottom, the grease rises to the top, and the effluent disperses from the bottom and sides and soaks into the ground.

However, if your drains are moving slowly and you’re noticing a foul odor, chances are you may need your cesspool or septic system pumped to get things functioning smoothly again. It’s important to act quickly to minimize damage.

CityWide Sewer & Drain has skilled pump truck specialists ready 24/7, 365 days a year to service your Long Island or New York Metropolitan area home. We can diagnose the cause of your malfunctioning cesspool, as well as determine whether you’ll need a cleaning, a repair, or a new installation.

Residential Cesspool System Maintenance and Cleaning Manorhaven NY 11050

It’s important to avoid getting non-biodegradable materials down the drain into your disposal system, such as plastics and paper (other than toilet paper). These solid materials will stay in the septic tank until it’s pumped during regular maintenance. By scheduling routine maintenance, you can prevent small problems from becoming much bigger ones. You’ll also avoid the heftier costs of having to repair or replace your system.

Residential Cesspool Services In Long Island and New York

Residential Cesspool Repair Services Manorhaven NY

The most obvious sign of a broken cesspool is when the plumbing system backs up or fails. Immediate action can save you thousands of dollars and prevent further contamination of your local water system.

Residential Cesspool Installations Manorhaven NY

The process of installing a brand new or replacement cesspool begins with digging out the ground, inserting the cesspool, backfilling the area around the dry well, and connecting the pipe. CityWide’s skilled technicians use state-of-the-art equipment helping to ensure an installation process that’s free of hassles.

Complete List of Our Residential Cesspool and Septic Services Manorhaven NY

  • Pumping of Septic & Cesspool Systems
  • New Septic & Cesspool System Installation
  • Electronic Cesspool & Pipe Locating
  • Cave In Specialists
  • Aeration – Makes Holes in the Bottom of the Cesspool to Restore Drainage
  • Sulfuric Acid Chemical Treatment to Break Down and Dissolve Solid Waste and Open the Pores of the Cesspool

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